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IC Value (2012): 5.51

Impact factor (2012): 1.0441

Highly Impacted IBI FACTOR: 2.9

SJ Impact Factor (2012): 3.656 ; (2013): 4.348

Global Impact factor (2012): 0.355 ; (2013): 0.504

(2014): 0.675 ; (2015): 0.765

Impact Value (PBN): 4.0


Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmacy (JSRP) is a Science profession which has provided and provides lots of novelties to this planet - technologies, inventions, discoveries, medicines, intellectual properties……. and so on, the list is enormous. If we try to list them in this page, it will be never ending. If our scientists didn’t explore their knowledge in terms of discernible properties, we could have not reached this modern era in other words we could have not surpassed the Stone Age.

Exploration of knowledge has made scientists famous. So exploration of your work to the world not only makes you famous but also creates a spark in the flourishing scientists, nourishes the researchers and furnishes the science of art. JSRP provides you the platform, with a warning board of “Restricted Area: Science and Pharmacy Profession only”, to explore your research work.


Merely providing a platform will not make sagacity in the mind of walkers, where it leads is a matter of fact, disquiet and itinerary. To reach every corner of the world, JSRP flies like a phoenix as an e-journal. According to me, letter “e-” in the words like e-mail, e-business, e-journal….so on, is an acquisition by TRIMING the word “time” to cut off the time factor. Ultimate goal of JSRP is to take your research, to share your ideas and spread your knowledge to every corner of the world by cutting off the time factor.

Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmacy has

  • Fast and efficient on-line submission
  • Rapid publication
  • High visibility
  • Rigorous peer-review
  • Full text availability of articles in PDF
  • Pre-publishing communication with authors to know their manuscript status time to time.

So Publish Your Research: Share Your Ideas: Explore Yourself:


Come and join us to enlighten the Invention and discovery and to provoke a spark in the mind of burgeoning Researchers.



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